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    Votes: 104 11.0%
  • 2 different feeders

    Votes: 303 32.2%
  • 3 different feeders

    Votes: 335 35.6%
  • 4 different feeders

    Votes: 106 11.3%
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What does everyone think of locust?? I dont think I've seen them mentioned but they're available really easy in England, is it different in US? Or is there a reason people don't really use them?

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There has been very limited commercial breeding of locusts/grasshoppers here in the States and commercially have not been commercially available for a long time. The main reason that I'm aware of is that when they are transported to other states they are an invasive species and if they escape they threaten other native wildlife and ecosystems.


Crickets and waxworms. I'll try some other stuff when he gets a little older. Yoshi's less than 1 year old but growing fast, think he's getting annoyed a the small crickets i get him.


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The typical - crickets, superworms, and dubia roaches. With waxworms, butterworms, and phoenix worms rarely or ocassionally. So I guess that means I use 6 but I only counted the 3 I use most weeks.


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i always try different feeders but it just depends on what she wants to eat. My female veiled will always eat her gutloaded crix hornworms (when i can get them) superworms silkworms (when she is in the mood) im trying to get her onto the roaches i just started breeding butterworms and waxies for treats but lately she wont eat them but i still try occasionally


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Crickets, mealworms (just found a local place that sells butterworms, hornworms and silkworms so those three will replace the mealworms) and veggies.


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Crickets, small grasshopers, and superworms. My veiled also munches on his pothos plant occasionally. Whenever I can I also offer my veiled locust and hornworms but those are sparingly.

Are grasshoppers ok for veileds? We have an overabundance of them right now.
Grasshoppers are perfectly fine for them.


My parents have made it difficult to give him much variety... :( They put up with crickets, but the only other feeders they will allow in the house are ones that I have officially decided I like too much to feed off (mantids and pillbugs). Nonetheless I provide crickets, some dubias (I get them from the university herpetology lab-just enough to be eaten in two days), and superworms. Waxworms and mealworms are a very occasional treat so I don't really consider them feeders I use.


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so far i really only feed Doc baby crickets as hes only 3 months old. i have tried the occasional mini mealworm and just started to give him a small waxworm after hes ate his crickets as a desert.


I give them a large variety of feeders:

1. Crickets
2. Superworms
3. Silkworms
4. Hornworms
5. Butterworms
6. Occasionally B. dubia
7. Blue Bottle Flies

They get a large diversity of insects.


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mine varies but at least 2 feeders if im busy ,but more or less 3-4 feeders i switch it up now and then...:)

2. dubias
6. occasional BB flies
7. occasional mantids

wanna try butterworms, more mantids, grasshoppers, katysdids, moths, and green banana roaches:D


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Well i have 12 adult chams to feed including 2 trioceros melleris.In Montreal roaches and a few other feeders like p mantis and walking sticks are illegal for sale,so this is what i always keep in stock in my chameleon room(crickets,grasshoppers,butterworms,waxworms,silkworms and hornworms.I also feed my chams some green vegetables and fruits every week.


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My list:

dubia roaches
crickets (2-3 types)
buffalo worm (Alphitobius diaperinus)

occasionally: mantids, stick insects and some other kinda roaches or something. And some waxworms as treat :)

And in the summer i sometimes feed some wc insects, butterflies, moths, grashoppers etc...
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I give my boy Crickets, butterworms/moths, hornworms, supers, and his new favorite silkies. He has kinda been bored with crickets tho, unless I hand feed him hes not interested in them.


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Think it's really sad... over 60 % of the chameleons kept by users only get two or three different feeders although you can get so much different feeders easily today. :(


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on average i feed her a small variety for her size (shes about 3-4")
Fruit Flies
and she is starting to eat some plant matter (Hibiscus leaves)
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