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Hello, currently I am feeding my baby veiled crickets and mealworms. I understand he needs a variety for his diet, but I cannot find any stores near me that sell anything other than the usual feeders. Do you all have suggestions on what is small enough to feed him, and where I can find them online?


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Welcome to the forums. House flies are a good feeder and you can buy them here:

You could also hatch a mantis ooth. They love baby mantis. Check the classified section here for many food items.

Baby silkworms, hornworms you can buy here:
Butterworms are good feeders and so are Phoenix worms. Baby roaches are good feeders also. Mealworms are not that great. I never use this with babies.

Butter worms and roaches are usually in the classified section here and I buy Phoenix worms at

You might find my blog for new keepers helpful.
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