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I am getting a Chameleon and was wondering what you guys thought as far as the best way to get him his water. Do i go with the handy spray bottle/dripper system or go the route of the fogger or repti-rain etc.

I have two crested gecko's now that I have the Zoo Med Repti-Fogger and works great for them but it is just for humidity and does not actually put drops of water on anything just fog.

I have seen the Exo Monsoon but fear it will not put drops of water he will be able to drink from. Anyone used the Monsoon ?

What has been your experience



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I would not use a fogger and go for a misting system alongside a dripper. I would get the mistking misting system as it is the very best and a zoo med little dripper. The misting system will allow the chameleon to drink but also the dripper will to alongside misting.


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monsoon rs400

They can have a mind of their own. i had two brand new ones. people kept warning that they can go off whenever they want. of course me being an idiot, i was skeptical. several weeks in and one went bipolar on me. the other one was perfect. liitle dripper, reptifogger, and spray bottle are yet to break on me.


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As you mentioned.. Foggers dont really provide drinking water.

If you are not home all day, i highly suggest MistKing OR AquaZamp.

Dripper is not needed in addition, but recommended.
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