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Hi guys this is the cage I build for my Jackson chameleon, Its a Pvc build 6.5 ft tall 4 ft wide and 3 ft deep, it has a Schefflera Arboricola, a Croton and a Caladium, also a ultrasonic humidifier plus manual mist and 40w basking spot and Reptisun 10.0
Im planning to add some branches. Just the little guy is missing.

IMG_0927.jpg IMG_0935.jpg IMG_0932.jpg

Please give your opinion and advice. Thanks
That cage is so big you will get to play "find the Jackson's". I would prepare to have 2 or more of the sides covered with plastic to keep the humidity levels Jackson friendly. I would also axe the cfl reptisun 10.0 and get a 4ft linear bulb and run it diagonal across the top.

Good luck keeping the Schefflera alive, i can never give them enough sun. I do great with draciana's and pothos.

PS that really is a 3ft by 4ft base? It looks very small for basicaly being a half sheet of plywood.

Here is my pvc cage, its base is 42" deep, 5ft wide, and 6ft tall.

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I agree with the Uv being changed to a linear bulb. No CFL is going to come near wild uv exposure and in a cage that large it is virtually useless.

If you can go for a 6% T5 for Arcadia.
Thanks guys, Im from Mexico and unfortunately there is no Arcadia distributor in the country :( all the things I have found are CFL Reptisun and Exo terra.

I will try my best in finding the fixtures and bulbs you recommend, the size is 40" deep 40" meter wide and 6.5 ft tall sorry I didnt do the conversion right.
I think it's a great start. The UVB light is strongest within 12" from the light, so when you get branches make sure to put them semi-close to the top, so he can bask in them properly. Right now the tops of the plants look far down, but with branches that's an easy problem to fix.

You can even raise up the plants on bricks (for example) so that you get more cover up high.
Thank you all!! Im going to put a little container for the crickets, Im trying to do my best to avoid problems in the future. :D
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