First Aid/Emergency kit?


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Hello, I am a new chameleon owner and thanks to this forum I feel pretty well set up and prepared. My chameleon has no current health problems, but it occurred to me that it might be prudent to have a first aid/emergency kit on hand in the event that he were to have an accident or become ill. Any thoughts on what this should include? I know I've read that it's good to have KY jelly or some similar lube incase of a prolapse. What other items? With a dog or cat one might keep blood stop powder for nail trimming accidents. Obviously we aren't trimming chameleon nails, but would blood stop still be useful to have on hand? Please let me know what you have for first aid and emergencies. Thanks!


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Unfortunate a lot of useful things are prescription only, but off the top of my head I would recommend KY Jelly, polysporin (for cuts), plain saline eye rinse, Q-tips, and a needle-less syringe. That's pretty much all I have in my kit that's over the counter.

Can anyone else think of anything?


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I have used lamisil in the past to treat a bad skin fungus that a jackson chameleon had. Applied it to a Q-tip and put a small drop on the affected area. Put that in your E-kit.


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Any injuries like burns, deep cuts, cat bites, infections, amputations, etc. I wouldbe very concerned about the typical person diagnosing and treating. It's better to see a vet, always, just so mistakes don't happen and things end up worse. A lot ofhuman meds are toxic to animals.

And a lot of these scenarios carry the risk of infection, so you're only going to get an antibiotic from a professional.
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