Finally! Got some tongue shots!

Miss Lily

Chameleon Enthusiast
Now I have discovered the 'smart' function on my camera I took some pics of Amy feeding today and finally managed to get the tongue shots I have been trying for over 2 years to get! All I can say is 'WOOHOO!!!':D:D Enjoy!

Take aim .....


Reel it in ....



I was amazed that you can see the cricket stuck on the end of the tongue!
Wow! Those are SO awesome!! I seriously need a better camera. :( I tried getting tongue shots but all I got was blur pictures. SO JELOUSE! Lol! Thank you for sharing.
Those tongue shots look awesome Tiff! I've been tried to get some myself with no luck! :eek: ha My little point and shoot digital camera isn't the best. time to upgrade this year I think, than maybe I can get some good tongue shots like yours!
This is awesome! I've always been fascinated by the chameleon tongue ever since I was a little kid. I love watching my cham zap crickets. Awesome pics btw, thanks for sharing. :)
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