Ficus loosing leafs?


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I have a Ficus B in my cage and its has been loosing a lot of leafs, i was wondering if this is normal and it will grow new ones back or if i should be thinking about getting a new plant?
How long have you had it? Ficus can be very finicky when you move them around a lot. They are very sensitive to weather changes, if they are use to being outside and then bring it inside, it can drop it's leaves. Even if you move it from one spot in the house to another, it can drop it's leaves. Thankfully the one I have isn't a fussy one. Is it getting enough water? Too much water? Pictures?:)
If the leaves are falling off like you say they are, chances are the plant is dying. Ficus' are very picky plants and dont like change. How do you mist? Make sure the soil doesnt get drenched and has good drainage. I keep my ficus in the corner of my cage so my mistking doesn't spray it that much at all.
Probably needs some sun. When I use Ficus inside I have to keep rotating them from inside to out or all the leaves fall off.
I had the same problem and gave up using Ficus ages ago. I stick to trusty Schefflera now as they are much more hardy!
Ive kept my ficus indoors, had it for about 4 months now and it seems to be thriving. I have a 6500k fluorescent tube up top with my reptisun 5.0 and i also have a 5000k CFL towards the bottom aimed at my ficus and scheflerra.
From hearing everyone say that the ficus is a tricky plant i had recently moved back home from college and that was a 2hr drive and moving from the truck to the house was pretty cold so that could have done it. what are some other good plants about 2 foot tall that i could put in their instead?
Yeah my ficus dropped all its leaves just moving it from one room to another room. I even was super careful not to bump it or tilt it or anything. I finaly just let it die in the cold because I was tired of it looking like crap no matter what I did with it. :p

Scheffleras are great plants that provide lots of nice green leaf cover. Just don't over-water them. Just my dripper going into part of the pot killed the whole plant on that side. I don't have a green thumb apparently...
Wow, REALLY? I am the last person on this earth with a green thumb and my Ficus is THRIVING! Giving lots of new leaves and branches, bushy! Lol! I guess i'm lucky to have my little ficus. :)
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