fertile eggs?

My female chameleon has just laid 68 eggs,how long till I know if they are fertile? They are in incubator at 25c, and do I keep light on all the time in incubator? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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You want to keep the eggs in a dark place so no light. You usually find infertile eggs will mold by about the two week mark but it can be longer.


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Temps need to remain the same night and day.

As for food, if you reduce that food intake to 3-5 bugs every other day to every two days, you can reduce her clutch size.

That's a lot of eggs and they take a toll on a female.

My female has only ever laid 38 eggs total.


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Temperature can fluctuates couple/few degrees with no problem during incubation. They should be incubated in the dark.
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