Female veiled feeding


I've been feeding her 15 every 2-3 days... Recently read I should be feeding more... On 3rd day of not feeding I gave her 25 and she gobbled me up like she always does, what do you all think about that?


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What are you feeding? Crickets, roaches, superworms...? And what size feeders are you using. There's a big difference between 15 small crickets and 15 medium-large roaches.

If she's just a pet and you don't want her to produce lots of eggs, I really recommend this link: http://raisingkittytheveiledchameleon.blogspot.com/2007/12/keeping-female-veiled.html
It'll go into how much to feed them and at what temps to keep them so it slows their metabolism a little.

Adults don't need to eat as much as growing babies, and my adults only get a handful of bugs every other day. They're always going to seem like they could eat until they explode, they're like dogs in that regard.
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