Female veiled feeding


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I've been feeding her 15 every 2-3 days... Recently read I should be feeding more... On 3rd day of not feeding I gave her 25 and she gobbled me up like she always does, what do you all think about that?
What are you feeding? Crickets, roaches, superworms...? And what size feeders are you using. There's a big difference between 15 small crickets and 15 medium-large roaches.

If she's just a pet and you don't want her to produce lots of eggs, I really recommend this link: http://raisingkittytheveiledchameleon.blogspot.com/2007/12/keeping-female-veiled.html
It'll go into how much to feed them and at what temps to keep them so it slows their metabolism a little.

Adults don't need to eat as much as growing babies, and my adults only get a handful of bugs every other day. They're always going to seem like they could eat until they explode, they're like dogs in that regard.
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