Female Veiled - Discoloration on casque.


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My female veiled has some greyish blue color on the front ridge of her casque and on the ridge lilne above her eyes. She also has a slight bump at the edge of her lip (left side) that looks like it has a little puss and is kind of brown. Has anyone out there ever had this? Not sure if it matters but she put out some eggs a few months ago. Thanks for the input if you have it, Steve.
Hi Steve,

It sounds like your chameleon has an infection and needs to be seen by a vet. I am dealing with a similar situation with a different species right now. The vet has removed/drained lesions twice now, and she has been on a round of baytril. Her spirits are good, and she continues to eat like normal. We will see how well she does, but it is my belief she has a deep set infection that may eventually take her life. The sooner you can get your cham to the vet, the better her chances of a full recovery.

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