Female Arriving tomorrow


Hey Everyone.

I have a male panther, and have ordered a female. She arrives tomorrow and I am going to be using my males Jr set up until the female is big enough to move to her own adult enclosure.

Right now I have the small set up next to my adult set up. It has its own lights an I will be splicing off one line from my mister to run into her cage.

My main question is, is it ok to have the female cage next to the male? Should I make it so they cant see eachother? Are there any downsides to the male seeing the female and not being able to actually get to her and vice versa?

I eventually would like to attempt breeding them, but not for a while as the female DOB is only 2.13.13. So I realize I will have a little wait until she is ready.
I would set up a divider so they cant see each other.

it could cause stress on them, and it could cause the female to cycle eggs earlier than you want.

Just place a visual barrier between the two. There is a chance they may not even notice each other or be bugged by one another, but it just isn't worth the risk.
Looks like we have a consensus on this.. Barrier it is!!! I have some extra bamboo laying around, I will see if I have enough to make a cool looking little bamboo wall.

Thanks again Everyone!!!!
She has arrived and is in her cage. I cant get over how small she is. Ill post some pictures later tonight when I get back home or tomorrow!
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