Feeny is home!!


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I just picked up Feeny and got him all settled in! He is a one year old male veiled, and he is my first chameleon. I'm in love!

His cage is extremely empty right now!! The lady I adopted him from told me he had a large live plant that filled his cage, and said his cage was quite large. (I'll attach a photo of the cage he came home in vs the cage I had for him - ignore the messy room, a toddler was running around trashing the joint while I worked on the cage) So I expected the plant to be much larger. I'll fix this situation before the weekend! The live plant is also mainly fake. The plant has no leaves on it, I'm not even sure what it is, and there is a fake plant shoved in to the soil. Anyhow, I picked up a few temporary vines at the pet store on the way home. It was all they had. The search for a big plant begins tomorrow.

Sorry for the bad photos, the room is dim, I didn't gave his lights up yet and I didn't want to bother him too much. He turned from brown to this really fast after I got him in to the bigger cage.

photo (1).jpg
photo (2).jpg
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