Feeding waxworm or superworm beetles?


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Waxworms are moth larvae. :) I've pupated a few, but hey hide during the day so are tricky to feed!

As for morio beetles... that secretion that @Lennoncham mentioned must taste truly awful, cause my girl Lily snatched up exactly one before immediately flailing her head and spitting it out! I've heard some chams may take them, but my girl sure wouldn't haha


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Wax moths are excellent feeders! Also, they screw up beehives, so definitely do not release.

My cham will eat morio beetles, especially when they're still red and soft.


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Mines favorite treat is super worm beetles. They dont mind the smell, and they are extra crunchy. I would not feed a lot, i only feed 1-2 a month. Im saying this because certain non chameleon people have literal armies of beetles for hedge hogs etc.


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if you keep your super worms together you don't have to worry about them pupating .they only pupate if you separate them individually . This in not the case with meal worms , they will pupate even if kept together but most people are against feeding meal worms .
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