feeding phoenix worms or any type of worms


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well today i got in 1000 crickets with some phoenix worms. i just want to know if anyone has any advice on feeding them. should i put them on the leave of some of his plants. i tried having the bottle they are in right under him but he got scared and ran up his tree. i also tried feeding him the worms with a tweezers but again he ran away. any advice about feeding with any worms. i would try a feeder cup but his cage mists very 2 hours and the worms could drown. thanks for any help

also do you feed phoenix worms anything?
You don't need to feed the phoenix worms anything. I just either hand feed them or put them on a leaf by him. The crazy wiggling usually gets their attention!
yeah they seemed to get his attention but maybe i was just a little to close to him. he seemed to be watching me more than the worms. ill put some worms on a leaf tomorrow
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