i have a 4 month old male yemen,
recently he's been eating loads, roughly 25 crickets a day, all gut loaded with apple with the correct dusting etc
he's perfectly healthy, good skin, good poop etc, just a bit on the small size for his age
anyone know why he might suddenly be so "hungry"
it's making him less sociable than usual, and you can deffinitly see he's getting fatter
not worried, just curious
should i let him eat as much as he wants though?
theyre all good crickets, gut loaded with apples, he seems happy to do anything for them. yesterday he knocked the tub off its stand and went tumbling down with it (10cm)...stupid animal.
he's getting pretty fat, but he's also growing quickly all of a sudden. i have sort of stopped him eating loads, normally he has his food in the morning after his water, but today i didnt give him any until midday, he still went for them though, all you could hear was him munching for about 15 minutes straight.
anybody have any suplement recommendations and routines? he's on TREX chameleon dust at the moment, its working fine, but i want to try doing it properly now he's eating more
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