Fall from my neck 5.5 feet

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Hi everyone ! 2 Days ago my FEMALE baby veiled chameleon ( 4 month old) fell from my neck to the ground. She used to climbing or moving normally but recently day she not often go or climbing ( moving or climbing look normal but not usually ). All day , she just go to the basking spot and climbing to the top of enclosure stay there all the time . She drinking and eating OK . Does she get stressed because the fell ?


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Welcome to the forums! In order for us to best help you, could you send pictures of your chameleon, the entire cage, and the lights on top of the cage. In addition to these pictures (which you can take tomorrow if your lights are already off), fill out the form below using as much detail as you can.

And just to clarify, your chameleon is moving correctly but she's just not moving as often? She could potentially have an injury, but if she is moving normally, then it doesn't sound too serious. The best thing you can do is take her to a vet, but we will try our best to help. Make sure to send us pictures and fill out the form below.

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It doesn't sound bad, if she's still acting normal then I'd say she's fine. Chameleons in the wild drop from their trees as a last resort to get away from a predator, so unless it was an extremely long fall on a super hard surface I'd say she's fine.

If your chameleon is running away from you, I'd say that handling her is probably not the best idea until you build some trust with her. Handling her is probably more stressful than the fall she had if she's trying to get away from you.
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