My male yemen chameleon is about 1 and a half year. He's been doing really good and i have really taken care of him. But now sometimes late at the evenings before the light go off both he's eyes puff up, they get bigger and their not round, they change shape to a little bit more oval. I have tried to take a picture but every time i do he's eyes go back to normal. During the day, they are normal.

Is this a problem or do they puff up their eyes sometimes?
You said before the lights go out, how much before the lights go out? A lot of chameleons get ready for bed before lights out, that might be what he is doing.Is that the only time he does it?
today he did it 3 hours before, but he always does it when he gets to the vine he sleeps on, he always prepare him self to go to sleep 4 hours before the lights go out, then he often just sits there and relax before the light go out. But now the eyes are perfect, and its 2 hours before the light go out.

Is this even usual?
Yeah Mékaan does exactly the same, so it's nothing to worry about i guess? Thats just something they do? It looks really scary tho :)
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