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hi there...my thumb size baby veiled closed his eyes sometimes during the day time...this is not normal right? he only open his eyes when I disturb him...why is this happening? how do i cure this? Please advise me.

No closed eyes are not normal and that really could mean alot of things. At that size and some of the possibilities you may not be able to do much.

I would check the cage temperature. The cage should be in the 80's.

He should have a light that provides him with adequate UVB. I would say 5% or better. A couple of branches should run near it. At that size very close to it. As he will probably bask under it.

He should be given some sort of supplements. A phophorus-free powder with calcium and vitamin D3 dusted on every meal.
What is the temperature in the cage? Does the chameleon have a basking area?
What do you feed it? How do you water it? Does it get UVB light or sunlight? Supplements?

We need more information in order to try to figure out the problem...and if it can't be corrected quickly, then the chameleon will need to see a vet.
I think that he closed his eyes because of stress...this is only the 3rd day I got him...today he's been catching friut flies already...and not closing eyes anymore~

guys, any hints and tips to take care cham of this size?
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