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I just got my new cham. I was supposed to get a 5 month old but they sent me a baby. Everything was fine with eating and drinking but now I've have him for 4 days and his left eye is closed all the time. He can open it and look around but usually he leaves it closed. Its always his left eye and his right eye is always looking around like normal. I recently observed him doing some wierd stuff with his left eye. Usually it looks like it is sucked in but I noticed for awhile today it looked bulged out in the front. Like it was going to burst. He has a wonderful set up with everything he needs except I'm a little woried about his water. I am stepping up my mistings in case it is dehydration but this one eye thing seems like something else. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about this. He is just a baby so I don't want to give him a shower but should I try to rinse it or just leave him alone. Let me know I'll put pics up later of the cage and such just a little worried atm.
He could be have something in his eye and is trying to clean it out. Try raising the humidity in his cage to help aid him in cleaning it out. Usually when their eye is bulged out, they are trying to clean it because of something inside that is bothering them.

What kind of Chameleon is he? What kinda cage? Real or fake plants?
He is a vieled, has to be less than a month VERY TINY. Fake plants/vines . His cage is 24x16x24 which my roomate and I made (screen sides/top plexyglass bottom covered with paper towels)he has heat light and uv light with plenty of uvb. I gutload crickets and dust them. I gave him everything he needs to be a perfectly healthy and happy chameleon. His eye started out looking like it was when he was sleeping but I just looked at him and now and it looks like he is squeezing it shut hard. I am going to do extra misting anyways because I also dont want him to be dehydrated. Also I am wondering, can I put drops of water on his head to run over his eye??
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It just sounds like he has something in his eye. Try spraying more often to raise the humidity, it will help get whatever is in his eye out. I am not sure about the drops of water on his head, he wont like that. But yea try misting his cage more.
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