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My 3 month old veiled chameleon has had one eye closed for about 4 days so I was told to give him a shower..well, now the same eyes is closed and the other one he shuts and opens allot but when he shuts it it stays shut for 30 seconds to a minute..I need help..





what type of tree are you using if a ficus could he have broken a branch and got sap in his eye.
I hate bumps. They are intrusive and annoying.

To answer your question.. something is wrong with your chameleon's eye. If you haven't seen the many, many, MANY posts on eye problems with chameleons, you may want to do a search for them. A long shower or really long misting session once a day to start, in addition to your regular misting schedule.. if that doesn't fix it within a couple days, a vet visit may be in order for a round of antibiotics. In the meantime, you need to look at your husbandry. Is your humidity too low/high? Temps? Vit A? Cleanliness? The only good thing I can think of about chameleon illness is that it immediately forces you to look at what you are doing wrong and correct it.

I know...I just wanted this figured out so i know if he has a big problem or not..

What do you think? You know a closed eye is a problem, you have been on this forum long enough. You also know that we can't tell you how much the antibiotics are going to be, because it is dependent upon what kind your vet prescribes, your area, etc. etc. etc.
I personally would be more concerned about my chameleons health than the cost of treatment, i know it can be expensive especially if you're on a tight budget but you have to take all of this into account when you buy the animal.

It's worth a trip to the vet's just to put your mind at rest :)
Yes it is..I have a video of his eyes to show how they are doing..Its will be up in a few minutes..
Aww, he's cute! :p

His eyes look much better there than they did in the piccies, have you just been giving him extra showers?
does he look any better...his eyes are open all the time now and he is drinking and eating like normal..im still gonna take him to the vet cause i got some money coming to me pretty soon.
That's a good idea, even if he gets the all clear off the vet it will put your mind at rest that it's nothing serious.

Hope everything goes ok for you - he certainly looks better to me :)
Well i thought i was going to get to the vet but my dad wont let me spend that kind of money on a stupid lizard
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