eye drops?


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Is it okay to use normal eye drops (saline) for a chameleon or do I have to get special ones..thanks.
I'm not sure, but i really don't see what could be wrong with it if it doesn't have any other additives.
You need to exercise some patience.
A "bump" doesn't do any good if no one who is currently signed on has an answer for you.
This is the one and only time I will respond to a "bump".
I know you're only 13 but it's really sophomoric.
Has your chameleon been to see the vet yet?
I bet the vet could answer your question.


I could be wrong about this but it seems like you are being overly attentive with your cham and that could cause some problems. Trust me, most chams don’t like people around them all the time and that adds stress which in turn can get them sick. I know your young and excited about your critter but leaving it be as much as possible is for the best.

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