Everybody loves horses!! :)

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  1. danibug23

    danibug23 New Member


    the first two photos are when we went to the horse show been up since 3am that morning so thats why i look rough!!, His name is Remmi!, then the next photo is me and my best friend Karin messing around at the farm one day being lazy so we both decided to get on him, then the last one is me on the paint his name is Twister! :)
  2. carol5208

    carol5208 Chameleon Enthusiast

    I love them and riding, but I don't get a chance to ride very often! Beautiful animals!
  3. ferretinmyshoes

    ferretinmyshoes Veterinarian
    Staff Member

    Remmi is beautiful!! I love horses. :D
  4. amanda509

    amanda509 New Member

    oh my gosh! soo pretty :) uve already seen pics of mine, but i might as well post em again ;)


    both of these are mine :)


  5. Olimpia

    Olimpia Biologist & Ecologist

    Beautiful horses everyone!
  6. mbondy

    mbondy New Member

    Lovely horses! Here's mine, Deezel.

  7. amanda509

    amanda509 New Member

    you guys have such big horses -.- mine is 14.2 :p haha..hopefully jigsaw averages around 15.2 or 16 when he's fully grown tho :/
  8. DavidBuchan

    DavidBuchan New Member

    Yep, everybody loves a good horse. There's some fine specimens on show here........... I don't have any horses :(, but I do have a stupid old comedy show clip with a horse song in it :D - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzYzVMcgWhg
  9. VeiledChams

    VeiledChams Avid Member

    My horse :)

    His Daddy.. 5 time "Coleo" world champion.. if you dont know what coleo is, its hard explaining and most people will think its cruel..I was raised with it being part of my culture so I think its pretty cool.

    Here's a vid of what coleo is (the music is very typical colombian music from Los Llanos (the plains).
  10. melric

    melric Established Member

    I love horses too. Here are a few. Kinda blurry, but oh well.
    We went riding in Chino Hills last Sunday. You can actually see Catalina Island from the top of a hill.



  11. melric

    melric Established Member

    What's done to bulls/cows etc is cruel in every culture.
  12. VeiledChams

    VeiledChams Avid Member

    Its mostly bulls that are meant to be sold for meat. They dont get hurt during the event.. but yes, I've always thought its cruel.. not as bad as bull fighting though.
  13. amanda509

    amanda509 New Member

    bulls get beat up in soo many cultures, i feel bad :/ but if you think about it..its probably one of the first "sports" that has been created since the domestication of horses...and i admit it, when i go to rodeo, the way some of those little calves jerk under the lassos is ridiculous, but i cant complain..ive done it :/
  14. K9Luvn

    K9Luvn Established Member

    They are all so beautiful!! thank you all so much for sharing them with us!
  15. melric

    melric Established Member

    I've heard of tails getting ripped off when they fall and breaking legs.

    Aside from that mess... all of your horses are beautiful. :)
  16. SonTigerPantherCham

    SonTigerPantherCham New Member

    This is my mare back in Nov.
    She is a little goofy cause she was learning flying changes and they are difficult for her because of her injury.
    She is a big mare at 18 hands, 1400 pounds
    But she is a good girl, and I get to ride tomorrow, so life is good

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  17. melric

    melric Established Member

    She's HUGE! Her coat looks so shiny. She is a gorgeous girl. I'm shopping tomorrow and then riding. Should be fun.
    There are a few horse threads up right now, haha.
  18. mbondy

    mbondy New Member

    Anne might beat you...her mare is a Holsteiner! ;)
  19. SonTigerPantherCham

    SonTigerPantherCham New Member

    Michelle how on earth did you remember my mare is a Holsteiner???
    Amazing memory!!
    yeah, she's huge, 18 hands, probably why people are afraid to get on her :D

    It doesn't seem big once your on though, but seems really big if your on your way down :eek: well if getting launched!

    and I always thought she was more 17.2, but my trainer decided to put a stick on her and she was 18!, maybe its all the proper muscle she putting on, her neck and shoulder are getting huge
  20. melric

    melric Established Member

    lol, it says so in your signature! Yes, that is a long way done for sure.

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