Emergency ! My Vield Chameleon is dying please hel!


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I have serious problem about my Vield Chameleon




How can I cure my Vield Chameleon no one can help me here.please give me some advise, it will be very kind of you.
need a lot more info

what is wrong? what are the symptoms? how old? male? female? what is your setup: tank, screen, feeding, supplements, water, humidity, lighting temps, etc.

I see you live in Bangkok so language may be tricky, but do your best to give us as much information as you can. Do you have a vet near you? Can you post some photos of your cham and its setup?

it have something(I don't know)on the bottom same picture

it male 3 months year old
no one can help(no doctor know care chameleon)

the cage follow picture


thank you

Your pictures did not come thru completely so you may want to make them smaller, but I did see enough that he has either a hemipene prolapse or other internal organ. This is NOT good!!!. Sometimes it will go in on it s own, but the main thing you need to do is keep it moist with with warm water ans salt soaks and ointment. Mine did that once but it went right back in.

What are you feeding him? If it is a lot of super worms and other insects with a lot of chitin (("skin") it can get compacted and they may have a difficult time passing it. Here is an article on prolapse vet-hemipene

here are some questions about your setup and feeding, lighting, etc. that may help us troubleshoot for you, but in the mean time you need to find a vet or follow article and try to push it back in yourself.

Setup questions

1. Cage type: What size and type of cage (screen, glass, etc.)?

2. Temperatures: What is the basking temperature? How do you measure the temperature in your setup? What is the temperature in the warmest spot? The coolest spot? At night? During the day? You should measure the temperature of the chameleons' skin or the surface of its current branch to get a more accurate reading. Do you leave any heat on at night? What is the temperature in the room at night?

3. Lighting: What brand is your UVB light? How long have you been using it? How long are your lights on each day? Do you leave any lights on at night? Where are the lights? on top?

4. Humidity: Do you have a humidity gauge? What is the range of relative humidity (RH) from lowest to highest? How long does it take to go from high to low? Do you use a humidifier? Do you live in the north or south (or other)?

5. Water: Have you observed your chameleon drinking? How often do you mist? Do you have a dripper?

6. Food: Have you observed your chameleon eating? What is the chameleon's diet? Where do you get your live feeder prey? What are you feeding the feeders? Fresh veggies? Gut load? If you use a commercial gut load what is the brand? If you make your own what are the ingredients?

7. Supplements: What type of supplement(s) do you use? Brand name(s)? How often do you use supplements?

8. Plants & branches:
What plants do you have? Are your plants alive or fake? Do the plants provide lots of coverage where the chameleon will feel safe? Can you see your chameleon most of the time or can it hide from your view?

9. Chameleon facts: How old is the chameleon? Do you know if it is wild caught or captive born? Did you get the chameleon at a show? Breeder?

10. Handling: Do you handle your chameleon? How often and how long? What is its reaction to you? Is the cage in a quiet part of the house or is it in a busy or noisy area? Any big stereo speakers near the cage? Is your chameleon alone in the cage? Can your chameleon see any other herps or pets from the cage?

11. Veterinarians: Do you have a veterinarian who KNOWS chameleons?
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I can't even see as much of the picture as lele said she could see.

As lele said, if its a prolapse of either the hemipene or intestinal, it needs to be kept moist until it goes back in on its own or it is put back in. If you don't keep it moist, then the tissue will die. You need a vet to put it back in because the tissues are delicate and can tear easily.

If its a hemipene prolapse and it doesn't go back in by itself it will need to be amputated.

If its an intestinal prolapse and it doesn't go back in by itself it will need to be decreased in size and put back in....and maybe a stitch or two put in to hold it there.

In either case, the chameleon will need to be put on antibiotics to make sure that no infection has set in...so again, you will need to take it to a vet.

Once the problem is solved, you need to see if you can figure out why it happened and correct whatever it was that caused it to happen.
Hi K - yeah, his pics aren't there now so maybe he is trying to make them smaller and repost? They were taking forever to load but I saw enough of the first one showing a large red "sac." Looked different from the "rosette" the one time Cy's hemipene popped out when he pooped but it went right back in on its own. design-eden seems more sac-like and larger. Hope he has a vet :rolleyes:
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the pics are actually coming up very slowly...I've been on this post about five minutes and the first one is about 3/4 there. I know nothing about prolapses in chams but it doesn't look pretty....:(
now we need to hear back from original poster! Yes, those pics are REALLY slow. I tried to link to them so I could resize and repost, but unable. Surprised the OP has not been back. Unless something really bad happened :(
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