Eggs 10 months old


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Hello I have a question if anyone could help me out.... My eggs will be ten months old next week and none are hatching... I have lost half of them and most just recently they sweat for a day or two and then nothing comes out but they quit sweating and then die??????
Should I start helping these little guys break out after a day of sweating?
I opened one after this happened and the little guy was all formed :(( but the egg had sweated for two days and then nothing came out and it starting shrinking and shriveling up and getting soft

Mike Fisher

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I think we might need some clues first. ;)

Species? Incubation temps? For mom: Prey items, insect gut load type and supplementation brands and frequency?

Be as accurate as you can and you will get betters answers.


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HOw much moisture is in your lay bin??
Sometimes if the egg is too dry, they cant break through.
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