Egg #23 never made it out.


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Cinnamon laid 22 eggs back in mid may. Last week she passed away at the veterinarian after a desperate surgery attempt to remove egg #23. She showed no signs of health problems until 2 days before she passed. She was eating aggressively as usual and drinking normally until last week she suddenly became lethargic. I rushed her to the vet and xrays showed a huge stray egg. They were able to remove it surgically, but she died the next day. I will miss her aggresive hunting tactics, but take comfort in the two clutches she was able to lay before her demise. At least she is no longer in pain. In the future I will have xrays taken immediately after laying to check for strays.
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So sorry for your loss. Its never easy losing one...but I'm glad you will have some babies to keep her line going.
Gee, sorry to hear. It's even harder when it is sudden or nothing you can do. Maybe you'll pick a special girl from her clutches to keep as a tribute ;)
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