US Due to popular demand: My gutload for sale!

To everyone who has inquired about buying my gutload. Ok you win! I will start selling it, lol. I make about 20 pounds of it at a time. It takes me about two weeks to collect, dehydrate and grind the ingredients up into a powder. Depending on the season my gutload contains between 200 and 300 chameleon friendly organic ingredients. Most of it is collected by myself in nature far away from society!

I have been selling it for $10 a pound plus shipping. This far, it seems like shipping 3 pounds at a time in a large flat rate USPS envelope ($7 for shipping and handeling) is the best shipping cost. If anyone knows of a more economical way of shipping, please share! I would appreciate it!

Please text me for orders! (PayPal payments only please)

I have not named my gutload yet and will start a thread in the general discussion area asking you all to help me with a cool and exciting name!

Matt (530) 917-0299
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