More Organic Gutload - Available by the end of the week.

I posted an advertisement a few days ago that I had made a fresh batch of our Nuts Over Chameleons: OMG (Oh My Gutload). It all sold out and I had quite a few more people texting me to purchase some. I apologize that I was not able to provide enough. I am off from my regular job this week and have already been working on making the next batch. I anticipate having the batch ready by the end of the week.

I want to encourage everyone who missed out on getting some of the last batch to text me and let me know how much gutload they want. (The best deal is to buy 3 pounds at a time since I can ship it in a large USPS flat rate shipping envelope). I also want to remind everyone that the gutload will last indefinitely in the freezer since it is a dry item.

Please text me at (530) 917-0299

Much appreciated

Poor Matt is going to get so many spam texts from the scrubbers...

Pro tip, never post an easily readable phone number on the interwebs, there is a reason they look so funky on craigslist.
If you were to do it, you will be the first! Lol. I do get many, many texts and I do not mind helping people! It is my honor! Spam texts, not yet! You reap what you sow.
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