Dropping a load.


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Chamilla I believe is in the process of laying some eggs. Past two days she has dug some little test holes. She is currently turned around in the hole pressumabley dropping her clutch. She has really been working pretty fast. From 12-2pm the hole has been dug out and turned around in. I think this is my favorite part of owning the females. I know it is hard on them but I just think it is amazing how well they can dig. Then cover it up and you never would have even know they were there unless you saw it. This should be a fertile clutch, my first. I will hopefully have some pictures tomorrow. Already have some containers set-up for the eggs. I am excited.
Guess I was a little premature on my call. She came out basked for a little while and then cover that hole. Yesterday she pawed around but nothing signifigant. When I left for work today she had a big hole going. I got home from work to find her asleep in her hole. One egg is visible. I figure I will let her finish up in the morning then remove the eggs. Maybe give her a shower if she looks to dehydrated. I have heard people say they stop eating and this time she did. It has been 3 days with not eating. I guess I am not really to worried about that though. She is very healthy looking. I think I am going to get some scales or borrow them from work. I am curious as to the weight they lose and gain in this whole process.
I'd give her a shower weather she looks dehydrated or not. She could show it in a few days, and as we all know chameleons seem to be incredibly good at hiding their health concerns. However, also to rid her of any soil and sand that could cause problems later on if it gets in her eyes or becoms abrasive on the skin.

Best of luck Jordan!
Gave her a shower. Still looked a little dehydrated so I picked up the misting durations and she looks okay now. She dropped 36. I discarded one because it looked like a more like a peice of perlite then an egg.
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I have some better pictures but can not figure out how to make them smaller so I can upload without cropping them. I expected a smaller number but it was a big drop from the 55 she layed the first time.
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They should be. There were two more I thought looked bad but I am not experienced so I figured I would wait for a little bit more diffenative sign.
generally speaking i find really yellow eggs to be unfirtal although i never discard i always keep them and get rid of them when they turn moldy or ugly. Usually this happend in the first three weeks and anything after that is firtal.

good luck
I don't know what kind of Chameleon you have, but we have veileds and our girl dropped a clutch of 47, one of which was obviously bad, we incubated all of the eggs and the bad one ended up molding so we removed it.....later in the incubation process, we lost 3 eggs to dehydration leaving us with 43 eggs. Many of them took on a yellow cast, but we left them to see what happened. Out of the 43 eggs, we lost one hatchling because for some reason, he just couldn't quite make it out of the egg. He pipped it but never emerged. The eggs started hatching October 11, 2006 and the last egg hatched November 15th, 2006. Only one of the babies seems to have an issue......his back is a little crooked and his tail is half the length of the others. I have decided to keep this little guy as my personal pet. I am calling him Quasimodo because of the hunched back thing. Just wanted to let you know that almost all of the eggs ended up looking a little yellow near to hatching, so don't get rid of eggs unless they mold or collapse.
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