Drizzy scratching like a dog!?


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Just like the title is named, I was watching t.v. earlier and i noticed my 16 month old male veiled had is left hind leg pulled up to the side of his head and repeatedly scratching it like a dog! lol it was so funny, i have never seen him do this before and wish i had a camera to show you guys but i wasn't fast enough! He has been shedding his head pretty bad the last couple of days and you could see clearly he was attempting to remove some dead skin. I did a search and couldn't find much on this type of behavior so i thought I would share with you guys! He did it for about fifteen seconds then stopped! Like i said I'm not really concerned but just wanted to see if anyone else had experienced anything similar to this or not. It was exactly like a dog scratching his ears and though it looked funny it also looked pretty effective!
The veiled I used to have seemed to always have a bizarre way of removing shed skin, and I had seen him do the dog scratch a few times.
I think the dog scratch is pretty common when they are shedding. I've seen a few of mine do it before. :)
You mean like this? :D



hahaha just like that! That is so funny, I love it! Well i guess it happens a lot more than I thought i had just never caught him in the act! Im happy to know that I can expect to see this more hopefully! Thanks for the replies and pictures guys!
Yea, it's super cute! I've only seen it once, but I have my cages in a separate bedroom so I don't get to see them all day long. But it's definitely something they do when they want to get shed off their face sometimes, and it's amusing to see.
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