Drinking from Sprayer


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So this morning as I was misting his cage (with one of those lovely hand cramping spray bottles), my veiled came right up to the nozzle and started drinking from it while I was spraying, which was pretty cool as normally he either takes the water from the sides or the leaves. Just had to share!!


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I am always glad when one of my chams learns to do this. You can monitor how much they are drinking and even "sneak" a bit of medication into the water if they will drink directly from a syringe. Encourage this! He'll learn that you are not only the source of good food, but water. What I tended to do was start them off thinking about drinking by general spraying. Then when they started that reflex swallowing I would start dripping water directly on their heads. Then they would drink until full. My verrucosus would even lick water off my hand.


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Cute as that is, it's probably not the best idea, spraying in the mouth risk the lizard accidentally inhaling water.
Aspiration pneumonia is often lethal.
Spraying above the head so it rolls down the snout to the mouth is safer.
Just a friendly warning. :)
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