does my girl look gravid?


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hiya my 6 month old veiled Yelina has been showing signs of being gravid as mentioned in a prevous post so i decided to post some pics of her which i have just took the quality of the photo's isnt very good as i took them with my phone any way here are the pics:


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just make sure you have a lay box in there for her so if she does have tolay eggs then she will have a place to do it , just geta box that will fit her in it and have enough room to make a tunnel and pile the dirt up
My female looks exactly like yours. I can't tell if she is gravid or not and it is confusing the hell outa me. She does pace the bottom of the cage from time to time for a short while. She just patrols it real quick then goes back up. How long is yours on the bottom of the cage?
my almost 2 yr old female does that , she just takes her dialy rounds and checks everything out , but i know what you guys are going through , there young and you want there first clutch to be as easy as pie , just aslong as you have a lay box in there and make sure you put her favorite tree ontop of the dirt and she should most likely lay them there my female loves her tree and soon as i put that lay box in there shes going down to dig , but sometimes shes weary of me and will wait until im gapped out on the comp to come down and then ill just look over and shes gone lol shes already got a tunnel going so dont worry soo much , obviously a lil bit but she should do wat mother nature taugh her to do
If you are saying that she IS digging and stops when she sees you watching her, you could be leading her down the path to eggbinding. If they abandon the hole because they see you watching its likely because they don't feel like its a safe place to lay the eggs...if they abandon it often enough, they get past the point of being able to lay.
So what are some visual signs that a female is gravid? Is there any coloration I should pay attention to?.. My female Veiled (around 5 months old) has been olive green for a month and this week she began turning colorful again. Her stomach looks bigger too (or more stretched).. She's hanging out at the top of the cage though... I guess I should add some sand to the bottom just in case?.. ohh yeah one more thing.. females that havent been around a male still lay eggs right?
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