Do You Ever Trim Chameleons Toe Nails?


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Hi all,

I have several very large Meller's and when I hold them their claws did into my skin and actually draw blood.

Does anyone ever trim the nails of a chameleon?
Melissa Meller is a beast!

Melissa Meller:

Here's a pic:[/IMG]
i find this topic very thought provoking.
when you think about keeping birds,
you can use "sandpaper" perches so that there is some
wear and tear to keep nails in check.
chams are arborial and the wear and tear on the nails of a cham in
nature probably is much greater than in an artificial viv.

i think there prolly should be a way to keep nail growth in check,
i just don't know what the method would be.
Do not trim them. I have a couple chameleons that lost nails due to injury (WC) and a chameleon that had it's nails trimmed very short by a previous owner and they all have difficulty gripping.

I have 14 melleri and 3 oustalets and I just accept that part of handling them comes with love scratches. Be happy that they are healthy and have strong grips.
No, I don't either. But I use natural branches in my cages with their bark and all and I feel as though they may do more to keep nails naturally in shape than fake plastic vines would.

At first I had to buy a leather glove for my Meller's, as she would also draw blood. But now she seems to be much more comfortable with me and I no longer need anything, so building trust with your chameleon can also go a long way.
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