do i need to incubate my eggs


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i have a chameleo montium female that has laid eggs. i breeded my male and female about 2 months ago and was wondering if i needed to incubate them or can i leave them where they are laying. im afraid to move them to incubate them.
it would be best to romove the eggs and incubate them because if the eggs are close together when it is time for them to hatch all of them will hatch at once even if they are not ready to hatch i have veiled eggs incubating right now i have them in a dark container in vermiculite and covered. i have the eggs seperated 1 inch apart.
You have to make sure not to roll the eggs, or the air pockets will move and the embryo will suffocate. Keep the humidity around 85 to 100, and heat 74 to 80. Make sure it does not exceed 80, for the babies will hatch malformed. Place a humidity and temperature gauge and lay some dirt or wood chips with snake bedding in the incubater (use a chicken incubater). Don't directly spray the eggs, and immediately remove spolied eggs. If you need more egg info, tell me.
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