Do Cork bark rounds Mold?


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Hi guys! So I was thinking these cork rounds would be perfect for putting orchids into. But does anyone know if they mold or get funky? What would be the negatives of using them?

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Not for sure but these work well the MagNaturals plant ledges
Yeah I looked at those but I can't drill through to add zip ties to secure the orchid roots. I got these orchid pots but they have sharp edges so I don't want the boys exposed to them directly. I was thinking if the cork rounds don't mold I could drop the pots into them


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Ok scratch that idea. I am very allergic to almost every mold out there so this would be no bueno for me.

You have absolutely nothing more to worry about than having soil for a plant. I should have mentioned, they only mold in constant humid(~90-100%) environments. Mine have only molded in my airtight humid roach bins. And it's the new cork that has been sterilized(boiled, cleaned, etc) that gets mold. Old cork will not because other beneficial bacteria will colonize the surface. If mold pops up you can bury the cork in substrate of some kind for a week or so(depending on how rich in bio activity the substrate is) and the mold will disappear and not come back. So let the cork be dirty, don't clean it unless you absolutely have to in the case of parasites or something. And then just let it reseed. You won't have problems.


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The natural background of my enclosure is made up of peat moss and cork bark flats. I have the flats for 6 months now and it haven't mould yet. I should mention that when I first got them, it has a bit of dirt on them and have a woody smell.


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Might giant round is 25 years old, no mold, but never been sitting "in" dirt. Been pooped on plenty of times though.
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