Do Chameleons possess the ability to recognize their owner?

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Since Chameleons are visual based animals, and communicate via visual cues, color, etc, is it possible that they may also learn to recognize a person who frequently feeds them, etc by that persons visual attributes, i.e color of their skin, height, etc...and know that that person is not a threat?

This dawned on me with my Jackson's who allows me to handle him, feeds/drinks in front of me with no fear, however when any other family member gets into view he displays a stress/ defensive coloration and posture....


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No doubt at all! My son is a 'mini me' and Bob doesn't bother with him but when I walk in the room, he's like an exited puppy. There's no doubt that we have a cham that loves to interact with us at every opportunity. His favourite vine is..... well frankly.... me!


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I hope I have a good relationship with mine one day. Like I said he has gotten better so its trending in the right direction. Haha. I try to make every time I pick him up a good thing like outside time or a hornworm. Sometimes both.


I should think so. My cham is okay with me, when I am watching him (he doesnt like to be handled at all). But if someone else puts their face to his enclosure to look he puffs up at them. They're so great. I wonder if they wow at our ability to change colour every day (clothing) hahaha.


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Since the visual cortex is probably the bigger part of a chameleon brain, yes! They sometime can be confuse when the owner got a new haircut or a new shirt ;)
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