Discoid Roaches for sale

Discussion in 'Chameleon Food' started by BugOut, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. BugOut

    BugOut New Member

    What's the demand for Discoid Roaches right now? I'm a new feeder breeder and was just wondering.

  2. Albula

    Albula New Member

    Post an ad in the Chameleon Food Classifieds in this forum and find out.
  3. BugOut

    BugOut New Member

    Thanks appreciate it
  4. melble68

    melble68 Established Member

    There have been some very recent threads about trying to find discoids for us here in FL. They're not the easiest thing to find, and actually quite difficult. Retail is available at one or two locations in Tampa Bay, but both are at least 30mins either way from me. One member did find one breeder to order some. I heard good and bad about this direction.

    I'm interested, but not until spring. My wife just laid into me again this morning about an escapee cricket in the hallway. She doesn't have the same appreciation my hobby as I do. Eventhough she loves the chameleon, she hates what it eats. :rolleyes:

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