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  1. jlemond

    jlemond New Member

    This Review is about the Digital Aquatics HerpKeeper.

    I read about this at the beginning of January 2011. I have been using the HerpKeeper for a little over 3 weeks now. It is a great product and keeps my cage regulated. It controls the ceramic heater that I use per my preset perimeters. It could even control my misting system to maintain a preset humidity if wanted. I do use it to control my Mist King System with timing, exactly like the timer included with the Mist King System. Some people may find the HerpKeeper hard to set up, but it is quite simple. I use the HerpKeeper to control my lighting needs as well. I am using the plus system.

    Easy to use
    All in one control
    Firmware upgrades

    Only comes with 4 outlets.
  2. Jhov2324

    Jhov2324 New Member

    I am definetly getting this..i had a controller for my reef and it was one of the best pieces of equipment...I just asked Devious the other day if there was a controller for HERPS.... :D
  3. GoFast

    GoFast New Member

    That looks fantastic!

    I wish the site explained the difference between difference between basic, plus, and net though.

    Also, does the light timing feature actually simulate a gradual increase and decrease in light rather than a simple on/off??
  4. jlemond

    jlemond New Member

    1, it does. The basic has a temp prob, no humidity prob. The plus has a temp/humidity prob all in one. The net is the plus, plus a module to connect you to the internet so you can review the current status of the HerpKeeper, with future possibilities to control the HerpKeeper via the internet.

    2. It is just on and off for now. Future updates may include a fad in/out feature.
  5. Picasso123

    Picasso123 New Member

    They have these systems on reef tanks where they have even more variables to worry about then reptile owners do. They definitely know what they're doing and the price doesn't break the bank either.
  6. dlegare

    dlegare Established Member

    I ordered one this past weekend. I can't wait to set it up. I used to have a similar controller for my reef tank.
  7. Bob 1000

    Bob 1000 Member

    I've been using it for about 2 weeks now.. You can use the controller to control humidity through exact levels not just timing.. You just use the alarm feature to shut off certain humidifying units when the desired humidity is reached.. I believe the unit is expandable so you can have more outlets. I've been using digital aquatics controlers for the past 10 years..
  8. jcal

    jcal Member

    i was thinking of getting a ecozone but this may be something to consider.
    but by the time i got all of the accessories the price comes out to about the same.
  9. Picasso123

    Picasso123 New Member

    Herpkeeper is made by a very widely used reef company so this is simple for them.
  10. dlegare

    dlegare Established Member

    More concerning to me is the limitation to 4 modules. The Herpkeeper net for example is using 3 of the 4 available modules already. 1-pc4 outlet, 2-net module, 3-ap1 Probe That leaves only 1 available module. Hopefully they wil make an updated version that allows the use of more modules. I was hoping to use the Advanced lighting controller and the higher wattage power plug but can't at present due to system limitations.
  11. EcoZoneTon

    EcoZoneTon Member

    Hi there,

    I would like to introduce myself, my name is Tony, and I am the creator of the EcoZone Controller. I noticed the thread on controllers and thought I would jump in. :>)

    The EcoZone controller was created especially for dimming and proportional control of herp habitats. Dimming controllers do cost more, but the results are worth it. Light and heat are so important to herps, and I wanted a system that was completely "tuneable" in intensity and schedule, and would be programmable on a 12 month calender so we could provide seasonal variations.

    Plus, with all of that functionality, I wanted easy setup and programmability (since I don't like overly complicated controls).

    Another feature is the programmable "Ramp" time which can slowly increase/decrease the light output or the temperature, creating a much more natural transition from daytime to nightime settings.

    The unit can dim/control 4 AC outlets, and has 4 temperature probe inputs.
    As a bonus there is an I/O output that can act as a 5th control point for DC power items (like the DC power to a mister pump), and an I/O input that can be used for say monitoring a water resivor (using a float switch), etc.

    The web feature is standard, along with the email alerts, alarms, logging, etc.
    no software to load, just a web browser is needed.

    You can play with one live here at this link.
    Don't worry, I do not have animals in this enclosure, so you won't hurt anything:

    One item we are missing today is is humidity probe options for automatic humidity monitoring and control, but I can now say we will have that offered for sale in the next 4-6 weeks. We will support up to 4 humidity and 4 temp readings per device 9in max config). Generally I do not pre-announce products or features, but this one has been in the works for a while, and folks have been asking.

    I definitely realize that budgets are tight, and for that you can't beat the price of the DA system. But, I can say that we are best in class for herp habitat control, and intend to remain so, as that is our 100% focus. We try to price our system as competitively as possible given the feature set, but it is definitely a high end system, and with the steel construction, it is built like a tank. It ships with a 40 page color users guide (and online ref is about twice that). Not sure if the documentaiton is always needed, but it is there nontheless.

    The intent is to advance the hobby as well as to provide truly unique capabilities for herp hobbyists, with a complete customer focus. This product is as much about the hobby than it is about profits. So I can say that we will be here innovating for as long as our customers are supporting us!

    We are always happy to answer questions, you can email me directly if you like.

    Thanks again for the discussion,


  12. jcal

    jcal Member

    thanks for stopping by tony. i have been eying your device for some time now, but the missing piece for me was the humidity probe. cant wait to see the new launch
  13. Jhov2324

    Jhov2324 New Member

    Very Informative Tony..seems like you have a good product
  14. dlegare

    dlegare Established Member

    Herpkeeper follies

    Lets ad a few more cons:

    -Sporatic customer support
    -misleading information
    -Grandiose possibilities not currently supported
    -Selling modules that aren't fully supported (But not saying that)

    Mind you I may have a bad unit but...
    I have had my herpkeeper for about 2 weeks now. I have the Version with Net interface and added a moon light controller and advanced lighting controller. With the advanced light controller you are supposed to have seasonal variations of lighting based on desired locations global latitude with simulated sunrise and sunset.
    The function isn't supported by Herpkeeper (Seasonal mode)
    You can however set lights to come on and turn off at specified times with ramp up and ramp down of lighting with supported 0-10v dimmable ballasts.

    -Can't get that function to work either.
    Trying to find support is like finding a needle in a hay stack. It basically consists of a bunch of forums that you have to scour through and hope to stumble on the information that will help you. But beware they link the forums so that you don't get specific information about the modules functions as related to the Herpkeeper you get global function support based on other reefkeeper units that don't exactly function or program like the Herpkeeper.

    Oh and it only supports 4 modules so if you get the Net version like I have you can't have the Temp/humidity and Advanced lighting because the temp/humidity probe is a module.

    Also the Temp/Humidity probe is so darn sensitive that it is very hard to program a control function based on its readings. Also don't put it in a hight humidity environment because it isn't moisture proof (ARE YOU KIDDING!) so I suppose it would be great for monitoring the humidity in a desert enclosure but not for Rainforest Chams or Frogs, or snakes, or... Well you get the idea.

    There is definite potential for the controller but I think Digital Aquatics needs to wake up to what the unit is going to be used for.

    I love the idea of a humidity probe that can't be placed in hight humidity/damp environments. :D

    The smile fades quickly when I realize I spent over 500 dollars...
  15. JDH

    JDH Member

    My Review of the EcoZone

    Hello All,

    I just noticed this post and that I would add my experience. I've been using the EcoZone now for 7+ months and think it a great device. I have it controlling my basking spot, UVB, MistKing and night heat lamp. It has allowed me to enjoy my Veiled more and not worry as much about the environment. In January I had B2B business trips and was gone for three weeks so my GF was in-charge of feeding, watering and cleaning up any poop. BTW: I guess chop sticks work well for cleaning up the poop if you don't want to use paper towels... I learned something new on that one! :rolleyes:

    The main unit controls are easy, but I really prefer the web interface for the advanced settings. It does take some time to learn how to properly setup the light/temp ramping and the interface can be a little slow to save your changes. That said – This is well worth the effort and the slowness is not a big deal since you will only need to tweak the system a couple time a year after you get the initial setting done.

    Since the unit consistently ramps on and off the heat lamp based on the timer and temperature probs in the cage it provides a better habitat for my Veiled. The basing spot hits my desired temperature every day for the amount of time I want regardless of the outside room temperature or distance from the bulb to perch. Also, with the ramping of the lights she is able to establish a pattern like you would find in the wild with sunrise and sunset. I've noticed that she will start to move to her roosting spot about an hour before the light goes out each night so there is no surprise on when someone (or timer) is going to flip the switch and go from full light to pitch black.

    The support from Tony has been top notch and he is very responsive. For those that are wondering - I'm not a friend of Tony, just a satisfied customer.


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