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Admins - I tried to post this in the classifieds, but said I did not have permissions to - please move as needed.

Hello, fellow chameleon enthusiasts! If you're in the market for a ready-made bioactive terrarium and are in the American Southwest, read on...

TL;DR: (full story below) I am selling my 2x2x4ft bioactive terrarium for an arboreal reptile. I had built it for a rescue veiled chameleon late last year, who was unfortunately too far gone by the time he came into our care. Full specs and what's included all listed below. Currently located in Southern Arizona (Tucson) - cannot be shipped.

In Oct 2019, after some relatives in Southern California reported finding a veiled chameleon in their apartment's courtyard (and receiving no responses from a "found cham" campaign), we found ourselves setting out to build a perfect home for our new rescue friend.

When we picked up the adult male veiled cham, the poor thing was in sad shape, and after a check-up appointment with the vet and several days of antibiotics, he wasn't able to recuperate from his time in the "wild" - we lost him less than a week later. The vet said he was at least five years old, and had likely been severely dehydrated for some time before he came into our care.

Since then:
I've been tending the "indoor garden" that is his old terrarium, and the reasons to look for a new cham were always delayed... "after the holidays," "after travel finishes," "when things calm down." Right when the conditions were finally aligning - working from home from COVID, I was SO EXCITED to finally get the chance to add a beloved critter to this garden - my company informed me they're moving me to Australia later this year. All snakes, lizards, turtles, and tortoises are forbidden to be imported as pets.

I'm unable to take the terrarium with me (soil regulations alone, not to mention its shape or weight), and no close friends here are very interested in herping. In the past few months, all of the live plants are thriving (a bit too much; the ficus benjamina is taking over!), receiving plenty of light from the plant bulbs and are misted/watered by hand once every ~2-3 days.

Terrarium specs:
  • 24in x 24in x 48in Reptibreeze XL Deluxe Screen terrarium with plexiglass front access and built-in LEDs, with 24in x 24in x 2in water-catching tray
  • The Bio Dude Veiled Chameleon BioActive Kit for 24x24x48 (Terra Firma soil, ~8in tall "bio bag" to hold soil and plants, plenty of sphagnum moss to fill gaps around screen, two large ghostwood branches, a 22in LED plant light, biodegradable oak leaves on soil)
  • Six live plants (large ficus benjamina, two neanthe bella palms, fatsia japonica, philodendron, dracaena)
  • Ten large pieces of cork bark for custom background texture and planters, including five cans of Great Stuff Pond & Stone expanding foam intermixed with soil and sphagnum moss (100% of back covered, 80% of left side covered to help control humidity in arid Arizona). Backed with wood paneling so foam/cork doesn't show through the screen.
  • Three 6ft vines of varying sizes
Other lights and accessories:
  • Zoo Med ReptiSun T5HO 24in Terrarium Hood + Zoo Med ReptiSun 5.0 T5HO UVB 22in Fluorescent Lamp
  • Superior Life 5.5in Black Dome Light + Philips Agro-Lite BR30 75W Plant Light Bulb
  • MistKing Starter Misting System (new in box; never opened or assembled), plus 5 gallon opaque reservoir with lid, 2 corner screen mounts, extra nozzle, and all hardware for installation
  • Full Throttle 4in diameter magnetic feeder
  • ExoTerra Hand Pump Mister
  • Zoo Med The Big Dripper 1 gallon dripping reservoir with hose for second drip line
  • Zoo Med Digital Combo Thermometer and Humidity Gauge
  • Zoo Med Repticare Terrarium Controller Programmable Power Strip
I poured my heart and soul (and over $1,400) into creating this set-up, and it's been devastating to never have had the chance to use it for its intended purpose. I'd love for it to go to someone who would use it for what it was built for and who was eager to care for it, and hopefully be able to recuperate most of the costs taken in its preparation (I know this community understands how quickly all this stuff adds up!).

Pics of the terrarium attached - will likely need two posts to share different views.

Please let me know if you're interested, would like more photos, etc!


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More photos.


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