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Right now my baby girl chameleon is eating small crickets and tiny fruit flies (she's roughly 4 weeks). When should I start giving her bigger food? Is that really just different from cham to cham or is there a specific age where I should try to start introducing different food?

Would it be safe to try some worms soon?
I don't have any experience with babies so I'm just letting you know what I read the other day. The feeder shouldn't be bigger than the width of the chams head. I know it's definitely good to give them a variety, so I don't see why you can't offer small worms. Hopefully another member with more experience can give you more advice. Good luck :)
feed any of the recommended chameleon feeders once they can fit between the space between her eyes when you hold the food in a vertical position. you can start roach nymphs soon but really young ones.
Hope this helps :)

Babies (Up to 3
Daily 8-15 Pinhead – ¼”
Also offer fruit flies,
and small silkworms.

Juveniles (4-6
Daily 8-15 1/4”-1/2”
Also offer silkworm
and other feeder
insects as treats.

Sub-adults (7-12
Daily (6-7 days) 8-10 ½”-3/4” crickets Also offer silkworm
and other feeder
insects as treats.
You can feed your chameleon a feeder insect that is not wider than the space between their eyes. I don't see other feeders as "treats". I feed about equal amounts of an average of 4 feeders daily or every other day, depending on the age of the cham.

I dont even feed crickets. I have a roach colony and prefer to feed those rather than crickets. I have had too many problems with crickets in the past.

I usually have on hand roaches, silk worms, hornworms and butter worms. They may get a roach a silk and a horn one day, then a roach a horn and a butter worm the next. etc.

I also rotate in blue bottle flies and praying mantids when when I have them.

If you can get small enough feeders for the size of the cham, then feed away.
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