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My young Veiled Chameleon is looking a little dehydrated. I noticed it in her eyes today. My boyfriend and I bought some pedialyte and droppers. What's the most efficiant way to get it into her system?
Hello Chamile,

Pedialyte is good to use when a chameleon is dehydrated, but first I would recommend trying to get the chameleon to drink on its own. You can do this by using the shower method (indoors at this time of year). How severe do you think the dehydration is; have any pics? What are your current watering methods?
Try a shower as Brad suggested. I have a little tree in my shower (a silk tree so as to not cause overwatering a live plant) which I use to give all my chameleons soft, warm showers... Make sure the water is not hot or not too cold and not on full blast (this can hurt their eyes). Run the water softly as if soft raindrops were floating down, put your little tree under the "pretend" soft warm tropical rain and let your chameleon have a very enjoyable shower. If very dyhydrated, he may stay in the shower for 30 mins or more drinking. You may see him stretch his head and neck up as he drinks... this is normal. Let him drink as long as he wants... when he starts to get restless or stops drinking, then remove him from his shower. Make sure you place him under his basking light afterwards so as to not get chilled.

He will love it! All my chameleons turn happy colors when they see they are going to get a nice warm tropical rain in my shower :) .

By the way, a shower is NOT recommended for baby chameleons. Wait until they are big enough (4-5 months old or more) so as to not drown.

Good Luck!
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