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Hello everyone,
I’ve had my Cham for around 6 months now. She’s been doing really good, but recently (2 ish weeks ago) she started showing darker and dull colorations and I figured she’d shed, but she didn’t and stayed dark. She’s been eating, sleeping, and defecating well. I haven’t changed anything from her regular routine, does anyone know why she might be darker?

(The first 3 images are how she is now and the last one is how she was before)


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Yes, I have a lay bin for her in her enclosure though it’s half the size recommended (in width) and it only has play sand.
Hello and welcome! Is she this color 100% of the time or just during the day like basking?

My girl sometimes has duller colors during the day when basking cause she’s soaking up the warmth

Missskittles blog on egg laying has a good section on what gravid colors may look like.
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She’s been like this throughout the day, and she’s almost always basking. When I give her food she turns a greener color though.
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