Daedalus Turned 3 Yesterday


Biologist & Ecologist
The "chub-nub" turned 3 years old yesterday, but I was sick and didn't get any photos. So I took some today during breakfast. I'll take more later, he brightens up more once the sun has been out for a little. Also, I broke my lens, so it doesn't focus (manually or otherwise) very smoothly, so bear with the soft photos!




I don't think anyone could tell that you broke your lens! He is just so dang beautiful. He's a true example of a beautiful cross.
And happy hatchday Daedalus!
Thanks everyone! He's a doll, such a sweet and even-tempered chameleon. Hopefully he'll be with me several more years.

Also, I'm sorry for the size of the photos. I don't know what is up with Imageshack's image resizing, but it used to be more moderate lol


Thanks everyone!

And I'm ok, I just have a really persistent cough from a cold that isn't letting me sleep. I finally got an inhaler for it yesterday and have been feeling much better.
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