CUC's What Variation Is Best?


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Giant canyons are great, they eat like beasts.
dwarf whites are great once they populate enough
Dalmatians are super active but beware using them around soft body reptiles
those are my top three

everything else gets kinda expensive lol


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Zebras seem to reproduce pretty well. I have giant canyons in all my cages except for Clarice. She has powder orange for 2 reasons:

1. She hunts them down, and giant canyons could reproduce fast enough

2. Powder orange are serious eaters, so I know they’ll take care of eating the eggs she lays.

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do you know if there are variations of springtails?
There are actually more types of springtails. I can't tell you the name off hand, maybe silver something?, but they tend to not "bloom" like the mainstream version. They also tend to live deeper in the soil I think.

As far as the original question, it really depends on your specific requirements. With more water or humidity some isopods don't do as well. Some people mix different species and let them "fight" for resources and let whomever win.

For example, I used dairy cows in my gecko cage as I constantly find them in the most damp areas of their bin. However, I keep a handful of clowns in with my Dubias [back when I used to have them, of course...] as they both seem to prefer it more dry. I keep giant canyons with my green bananas and they seem to love each other. I keep oranges in multiple discoid bins and on their own - as stated they are ferocious eaters and breed fairly quickly. [I also use powder orange/blue w with my discoids as the bin is huge].
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