critcally sick frilled dragon


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It's young my idiot brother had it barely took care of it. Gave it to someoje else. Last night he took it back from the friend. NOW I have him. He is really bad. I have his heat set up like my bearded dragon pretty much. I guess he is suppose to drink like a chameleon.but afriad he'll drown. I have soaked him today. He is just so so weak. He has diahhrea. I gave him some repti-aid. He drink droplets from a pipette. I don't know whatelse to do. He is just laying on my leg... just breathing. Poor baby
He is doing...

So much better... Went from lifeless eyes completely closed and just barely drinking droplets of water and reptaboost to eating dubs and still drinking water today.
I hope he continues to get better....
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