Craigslist killer!!


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D: I live in the area also, but $200 for both is more than I can afford. Have you tried to talk them down in price? We might be able to rescue a male if need be...


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I'm receving a cham in a few days and there is no way i can take in another, i havent spoke to the owner but i plan to tomorrow : (


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Sadly I've seen worse.
Gonna see if I can find it (but also I think these threads may not be appreciated can't remember lol)

Sadly can't find it.
It was an adult veiled in a 10g tank with a bit of flexivine, and that's all.
Nothing else.
Was disgusting, not even sure who it survived.


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Wow--This person must have their face posted next to the definition of poor husbandry!! Thats to bad, hope they get out of there asap!


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THe picture quality isnt really good but from what I see thos chams dont look unhealthy. And it sounds bad but I have seen here many threads where the difference between the pics were two branches and one plant more...


at 1st chamaleon post... aw poor little guy looks sad with his little bit of vine... =( and @ 2nd post.... that just looks unhealthy, I wouldnt want to be that chameleon. =( sadly because I am living with my sister for a while I wont have extra space for extra chameleons, I have two at the moment and I am lucky to be able to have mine. I hope someone is able to give them a better life.
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