Cost-effective food for a feeder Colony


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Hello y'all!

I wanted to ask everyone what do you feed your feeder colonies to be cost-effective.

Is Bug Burger okay? Or maybe a homemade mix of things?

Thank you!!!!!


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I like to use all organic homemade gutloads so I wouldn't know how expensive it is around you. like sweet potato and collard greens are always good, spirulina powder is good too, bug burger and cricket crack are always good, just not those little cubes in the petstores, those cant supplement as a main gutload, they don't have enough nutrients. if I were you i'd make a mix of organic and commercial gutload, like bug burger and the occasional carrot or sweet potato

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I use all fresh veggie gutload, carrots, kale, sweet potatoe, beets & have just hatched my first cricket swarm


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For my dubia colony: I leave dubia roach chow available at all times and throw in fruit and veggies based on what I'm eating for the week. This week they got a whole orange, last week carrots/celery and an apple, week before mixed organic greens. Sadly, my cham is not eating my dubia's so they are basically just another pet(s).

For crickets, I leave repashy bug burger powder available at all times and they devour it. I use water crystals for their beverage.

For superworms I leave them in my dubia roach chow and use a potato/apple/celery/carrot for hydration


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I use carrots and and the occasional protein source to sustain my colonies. Then I have small bins with feeders that last the next few weeks, which contain several species of roaches, superworms, and another for snails. I give these the high quality gutload mixes. Saves a ton of money on expensive gutload because I don't need to use a lot along with the added bonus of target gutloading the feeders that I know will be fed off.
I use non-medicated chick feed and fresh, well washed veggies... basically the same kind of veggies recommended for tortoises or iguanas. I do use superload on a semi regular basis but only for the final 48 hours before feeding them off as it is quite expensive.


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I mix baby oatmeal, wheat bran, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, barley, millet, sesame seeds and almond. It's pretty cheap too.


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for crickets you can use all sorts of fresh veggies from the supermarket, but for dubias, i would just buy a bag of roach chow online from a breeder. and you can literally give them scraps of veggies/fruits you have already used


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Some markets have a section in the produce department of discounted produce. You can get a large bag of just past their desk fruits and veggies for a dollar. The roaches don't seem to mind.


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I use bug burger for the colony and then the superload for the ones about to be eaten... plus they all get fresh carrots, veggies and occassional fruit. They really like but burger tho and go for that first, followed by carrots.


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I think the key is variety. Treat them like you would your Cham. What they ingest your Cham ingests. But fruits and veggies are super cheap in the quantities you need for feeders.
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