Commah Turned One Yesterday! (Recorded Monthly Weight)

Yesterday, my one and only, turned a year old!
just wanted to say THANKS for getting us through the first year! Everyone on the forums is a great help! I am blessed to have found such an eager-to-help and educated chameleon community.
We celebrated with Wax Worms and lots of outdoor tree climbing!
I am in the market for another chameleon (or two)... so keep an eye out for a new addition between now and Christmas! ;)

Oh, also enjoy this weight chart I made... we missed last month because we were out of town... but you get the picture!

12/4/2012 5 months 16 g
1/4/2013 6 months 27 g
2/4/2013 7 months 38.2 g
3/4/2013 8 months 49.4 g
4/9/2013 9 months 79.7 g
5/5/2013 10 months 103.5 g
N/A 11 months N/A
7/4/2013 12 months 157.7 g
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