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  1. Tortdad

    Tortdad Established Member

    so little Godzilla is starting to show his colors. I'm seeing some green on his head, around his eye, and some on his body. It's very slight but totally there. I'll update later with some pics... I know this thread is just a teaser without any pics but I had just loaded up his cup with crickets when i noticed his colors and don't want to bother him while he's hunting.

    He's right at 3 months only now

    Pics later, promise. So excited right now :)
  2. Jordan.gibbs

    Jordan.gibbs Member

    Where'd you get him from? Let's see some pics :)
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  3. Tortdad

    Tortdad Established Member

    IMG_2391.JPG IMG_2392.JPG I forgot to update this with the pics, lol

    He's getting green on his head and on his body by his back and at the base of his tail
  4. Tortdad

    Tortdad Established Member

    I got him from Craig Wyatt in Virginia
  5. Tortdad

    Tortdad Established Member

    He must have been hungry this morning. I came out and he was hanging out on the edge of his feeder cup :)

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