Cockroach christmas


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14 species added to my collection. Got these back before halloween, but just set up all of their new bins. No they don't stay in my living room, if they did I wouldn't be on these forums, I'd be on an obituary. On their way to bug paradise, figured I'd get a picture. If you guess all the new species, you win your very own private jet. Second place wins a Hyundai suv.


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It's a dream come true.... :wideyed: I'm gonna guess one is ember roaches, and one is domino roaches. That's all I got.

I can't dog you... I have superworms, silkworms, hawkmoths, BSFL, grasshoppers, and sticks in my kitchen, currently. There is literally no place to eat hahah. #priorities

edit: forgot a few
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