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These classified forums are for active members who are looking to buy or sell chameleon related animals, feeders, or supplies. By interacting with these classified forums you are agreeing to the rules listed below. If you have related questions or feedback please post in the assistance/feedback forums or contact site staff. Some limited exceptions to the rules below exist for sponsors.

New Members: Participation in the classifieds is limited to established members. If you are interested in a specific classified ad, please contact the seller. We also recommend browsing our sponsor websites.

  1. All site rules apply to the classified forums.

  2. Only active members or site sponsors may post in the classifieds.

  3. These are not social forums. Don't reply to classified threads unless you are sincerely interested and have a relevant question for the seller.

  4. Sellers must provide their full name when requested. We recommend that sellers list this information in their profile.

  5. Sellers should not reference competitors in their ads. Negative ads, however subtle, are strictly prohibited.

  6. Do not solicit for or create contests, auctions, group buys, give aways, or website promotions.

  7. All items listed for sale must first be in possession of the seller.

  8. Links are not allowed in classified ads. Sponsors have an exception and may link to their website.

  9. If a classified ad shows a health problem or abnormality that is not disclosed, the ad will be removed.

  10. Images of animals for sale should not be manipulated in a fraudulent manner.

  11. Do not keep multiple ads open for the same animals or supplies.

  12. Classified ads should be for specific animals or products. Don't simply post your inventory; a full description and price is required.

  13. Sellers should only list details in their ad's first post. The ability to reply is for answering brief questions and not to maintain a quasi store front.

  14. Do not constantly bump your classified ads. Do not spam or abuse this forum. Constant abuse will result in a banned account.

  15. Listings may be deleted if found to break site rules or by the sole discretion of the site administrator.

  16. These rules are subject to change; if you use the classifieds please check this posting frequently.

Note: If you have a problem with a specific seller or their ad, please contact site staff and/or report the thread in question privately. By taking action yourself publicly on these forums you could be breaking site rules and subject your account to infractions and eventual account suspension.
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Reporting Ads

If you feel the need to report an ad or seller, please do so privately by using the provided interfaces for reporting threads or contacting site staff. All reports will be reviewed. Taking your dispute or concern to the public forums or any other interactive site feature is against site policy.

report a classified ad
Each post has a small red triangle image located at the top right corner.

contact site staff
Located at the bottom of each page.
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